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Introducing the LMT’D V2 Torque Sensing Ebike

We’re thrilled to introduce the new and improved LMT’D V2 torque sensing ebike to our fleet of value-driven products. Pushing the limits of what you can get for your money spent, the LMT’D V2 is designed for all-around performance at a price you cannot find anywhere else. With this new addition, you’ll see a host of updates that will improve your experience both as a rider and a thrill seeker. Many of us prioritize range, power, and comfort when it comes to our ebike purchase, and with LMT’D V2, you need to look no further.

In this article, we’ll dive in together to see what makes the LTM’D V2 the best value torque sensing ebike on the market, go over improvements from the previous generation, and how it punches well above its weight class considering the specs, components, and performance to price.

LMT’D V2 Improvements

The first-generation LMT’D is cherished by thousands of riders on the road, so we made a slew of improvements to the LMT’D V2 while staying true to the all-around power and versatility in the DNA of its predecessor.

Reduced Pricing

Staying true to our mission to provide the best value AND high-performing ebikes, the LMTD V2 is improved and unbelievably, more affordable in comparison to the first generation. We managed to knock a whopping $100 off of the retail price while adding on a myriad of useful features and increasing performance. Once again, we are keeping your hard-earned dollars in your pocket, without sacrificing quality or performance.

Improved Frame Design

With comfort and maneuverability being some of the LMT’D’s greatest strengths, we ensured that the LMT’D V2 weighed in at 55 lbs or less on the scale. While keeping the weight down, we also increased the aesthetic appeal of the frame with swooping lines and distinct downtube weld designs ensuring you stand out from the crowd. We improved battery accessibility and coupled this with improved frame geometry for even more comfort and a lower center of gravity to further enhance the nimble feel while riding.

Integrated Front and Rear Lights 

You asked for the addition of integrated lighting from our first-generation LMT’D and we delivered. With the mid-generation inclusion of a front light plus the rear light designed straight into the rear fender on the LMT’D V2, you are now a beacon of brightness in low visibility conditions with improved capabilities for riding all day, all night, and all year round.

Color Options

We upped the ante and not only updated our previous graphite color option into a smooth, “Charcoal Satin” but have opted for two completely new, additional colors available for the LMT’D V2. Moreover, these include a never-before-seen “Brushed Copper” mixed for major curb appeal and a stunning “Snowstorm” so you can be sure that you can express yourself on the road and stay one step ahead of the Joneses.

Increased Travel Front Suspension

The LMT’D V2 now comes standard with a 25% increased travel front fork suspension that pairs with a hydraulic lockout system and adjustable preload for sublime comfort and fatigue reduction on the road and off it. Improved from the previous 80mm air suspension, the new SR Suntour XCM32 ATB is a low-maintenance, high-performing fork suspension with the name brand recognition to back it up.


Alloy Fenders

Available only as an accessory purchase with the previous generation, we took the guesswork and added costs of this additional purchase out of the equation. Hardened alloy fenders come stock with your purchase that is easy to install, look great, and do exactly what they were designed to do – keep you clean and dry while riding. Add to that the visual appeal of the fender-integrated rear light for the perfect blend of style and utility.

Notable LMT’D V2 Components

Torque Sensor

At the core of the LMT’D and the LMT’D V2 is the responsive, intuitive ride experience provided by the bottom-bracket, sensitive torque sensor. The appeal of this particular component lies in the combination of its natural feel mimicking the sensation of an acoustic bike and the variable assistance that it provides. In theory, you can achieve a limitless variation of wattage depending on your chosen assist level and the energy you provide while pedaling. Learn more about the benefits of torque sensors.






High-Performance Battery

The LMT’D V2 has an integrated, Samsung 48V 14Ah battery with Smart BMS technology.

Updated designs for the LMT’D V2’s battery have improved the center of gravity allowing for a more nimble, maneuverable ride, easier battery access and removal plus a narrow, cutout design that provides easier internal access and cable management to make maintenance even easier over the lifespan of your LMT’D V2. 

Hydraulic Disc Brakes

The LMT’D V2 comes stock with 180mm Tektro hydraulic disc brakes, providing enhanced stopping power and control at class 3 speeds. Tektro is a highly-recognized name-brand components manufacturer with a great track record for longevity, durability, and ease of use. 

Multi-Terrain Tires

Where the rubber meets the road is one of the most important and often overlooked components of an ebike. Standard on the LMT’D V2, the 27.5 inch by 2.4 inch WTB Groov-e tires offer a practical and appealing blend of grip and slickness to ensure your adventures on variable terrain are safe and high-performing. 

Added Benefits

As an all-around ebike, a variety of accessory compatibility including a rear rack, front rack, phone mount, basket, and extra batteries ensures your ride is unique to you, practical, and thrilling for every use-case you throw at it.

Is this the ideal ebike for you?

With a myriad of use cases available to you for your distinctive needs, the LMT’D V2 is the ideal bike for you if your priorities are power, range, and comfort at a value leaps and bounds greater than any other competitor on the market. All of these unique variables blend into a perfect all-around machine for daily use, whether it is getting to work, dropping off deliveries, or running errands. The LMTD V2 is best for you if you are looking for a powerful, torque sensing ebike that is responsive, intuitive, and quiet, backed up by Ride1Up’s guarantee of the best value for dollars spent.

The Best Value Torque Sensing Ebike

When you dive into the specs and components of the LMT’D V2, you’ll see that it punches well above its weight class for the price. Any comparable ebike in the market will easily price out at hundreds of dollars more. With the LMT’D V2, Ride1Up has done it once again to provide a high-performing, beautifully designed, and high-value-to-cost torque sensing ebike that is attainable and accessible to the masses.


In conclusion, the introduction of the new LMT’D V2 torque sensing ebike marks an exciting advancement in Ride1Up’s lineup of value-driven products. With our focus on dynamic use cases, performance, and affordability, the LMT’D V2 is an all-around ebike that offers you an unparalleled experience surpassing its predecessor in several key areas. From an improved frame design to integrated lighting and expanded color options, every aspect has been carefully crafted to enhance comfort, visibility, and style. The addition of features like increased front suspension travel, angled gear hub motor, and alloy fenders further elevate your riding experience and performance capabilities.

The LMT’D V2 delivers exceptional value that outshines competitors at a significantly lower price point. Whether for daily commuting or thrilling adventures, the LMT’D V2 stands out as the ideal choice for riders seeking power, range, and comfort without compromising on quality or affordability. Ride1Up’s commitment to providing you with the best value torque sensing ebike culminates in the release of the LMT’D V2, the most versatile, all-around ebike now available in today’s market.

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