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Fastest EBike on the Market

The fastest eBike on the market can go up to seventy miles per hour. And while that sounds like an exhilarating ride, it isn’t for everybody—especially at its price of $20,000. Still, the average user can find a cheap, fast electric bike elsewhere. Ride1Up, one of the best eBike brands out there, has a number of fast electric bikes for sale that promise a speedy and premium riding experience at an affordable rate.

Classification of Electric Bikes

EBikes are classified depending on their top speed and the presence of a pedal assist, and it’s good to know the different classes to find the right ride for you. Here’s a breakdown of each one:

Class 1

Electric bikes in Class 1 are pedal assist only. That means that you can only get a boost once you push the pedal. These eBikes can go up to twenty MPH, and it’s incredibly efficient when it comes to mileage and battery power.

Class 2

Both pedal assist and throttle are present in Class 2 eBikes. As mentioned, pedal assist is when the bike gets a motor boost when the rider pedals the bike. A throttle, on the other hand, is a twist or thumb mechanism located on the handlebar. When used, it propels the bike forward, similar to how a motorcycle or scooter works. Like Class 1 electric bikes, Class 2 e-bicycles can reach speeds of up to twenty MPH.

Class 3

Class 3 bikes, like the ones sold on Ride1Up, are fast electric bikes for adults that are perfect for riders searching for swift rides through a strong motor boost. They are similar to Class 2 eBikes since they have both pedal assist and a throttle (though not all have the latter), but they’re much faster with top speeds clocking in at up to twenty-eight MPH.

Normally, Class 3 eBikes are programmed to be limited to their top speed. Once you reach it, the motor assist is reduced until the high range is maintained. Because of their speed, most Class 3 electric bicycles are restricted to those above eighteen years old.

Other Classes

There are some eBikes that go faster than the top speed of Class 3 electric bicycles, like the Revv 1, though these are usually specialized bikes that are only allowed on private property or closed-circuit tracks.


What Affects the Speed of Electric Bikes

The speed of electric bikes is primarily determined by their motor and their weight. But factors like the riding terrain and local legislation can also limit how fast riders can go. Here’s everything that affects the speed of eBikes:


The power of an eBike’s motor is measured by the number of watts (W) it contains. The higher the wattage, the more efficiently an electric bike can pull weight and boost its speed. Most Class 3 eBikes in the Ride1Up catalogue have 750-watt motors that allow riders to achieve higher speeds.


A heavier bike, both in construction and rider load, will naturally go slower than an e-bicycle with a lighter load. The more lightweight the materials made for the electric bike, the faster it will be able to go—or the faster it’ll be able to accelerate, at least.


EBikes cruising on smooth pavement will move faster than the same vehicle riding through rocky terrain and inclines. They will also accelerate much more swiftly.

The Law

Some countries and states limit the speeds at which eBikes can go since they go much faster than regular bikes. These laws put restrictions on the speeds people can ride and even restrict producers from manufacturing bikes that go over certain thresholds.


The Fastest EBikes From Ride1Up

With a lineup of Class 3 eBikes, everything that Ride1Up has to offer comes with powerful motors that can sustain fast riding. All bikes, except the Roadster v2, can go up to twenty-eight MPH with pedal assist and twenty MPH on the throttle (where applicable), promising speedy, comfortable, and efficient rides—all still at reasonable prices. You can choose from a variety of options, from a simple commuter electric bicycle to a moto-inspired moped eBike, plus choices with fat tires for off-road adventures, to suit your riding needs. Get your next fast eBike from Ride1Up today!

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