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Best Cheap and Fast Electric Bike

Many people opt for eBikes for a speed boost. With a battery-powered motor, users can enjoy faster rides, which can make a significant difference in the everyday commuting experience. But finding a cheap, fast electric bike can be challenging, especially since these types of vehicles already have a high price tag versus regular bikes due to extra components.

In fact, the fastest eBike on the market, which can go up to seventy miles per hour, costs around $20,000.00. Ride1Up prides itself on offering the best value eBikes made with name-brand specs. They have a lineup of fast electric bikes that look and feel good—and don’t break the bank.

Factors That Affect the Price of an Electric Bike

The battery and the motor of an eBike make up about half of its price tag, which is why it’s usually almost double the expense of a traditional bike.
To find a cheap electric bike without it ending up in a landfill within a few years,  you must understand the different factors that affect its price. Let’s break down each one.


The battery is the most expensive eBike component, costing on average around $500. The larger it is, the more costly it will be. Batteries made using more durable materials and have been engineered to run the bike more efficiently for a longer time will also cost you more.


The motor is one of the defining components of an eBike. Powered by the battery, it assists riders when they pedal, enabling faster and effortless riding. It’s an expensive piece of engineering as it needs to be fitted for each electric bicycle model. EBike motors generally come in two types: hub motors and mid-drive motors. The former is more common and less expensive; the latter offers higher efficiency and better ride feel and a higher price tag.


The controller is a piece of eBike tech that facilitates the communication between the battery and the motor, like the brain of the vehicle. Cheaper controllers only offer basic functions, but you can pay more for added features such as higher amperage and GPS features.

High-Quality Components

EBikes usually come with high-quality components by default to accommodate the extra hardware that comes with them. More specs can drive up the cost, but if you’re looking to pare down the price, you can settle for cheaper parts (though it’s important never to go too cheap!).


Electric bicycles are still a niche market, so there aren’t a lot of suppliers and manufacturers producing parts and bikes. There’s a higher competition to compete for better prices, which makes it difficult to keep pricing down.


Factors That Affect the Speed of an Electric Bike

The speed of an electric bike is determined by two main factors: the motor’s wattage and the e-bicycle’s total weight. Here’s a look into how these affect how fast an eBike can go:


The number of watts (W) on a motor dictates how much it can boost an eBike’s speed. The higher the watt, the more optimized it is to pull an electric bicycle and rider’s weight to go faster. Most Class 3 bikes, such as those offered by Ride1Up, are fitted with 750-watt motors that allow for faster rides.


An eBike’s load, or the weight of the vehicle and its rider, affects how easily it can get up to its maximum speed. To illustrate, a lighter bike with a 750-watt motor and a lighter rider will accelerate more quickly than a bike with the same motor but with heavier components and a larger rider.


Cheap and Fast Electric Bikes From Ride1Up

Ride1Up has some of the best value eBikes in the market that can promise both speed and affordable price tags. Here are two of the best options:

Roadster v2

The Roadster v2 is an urban lightweight electric bike that makes getting around a breeze. Its simple design features a completely concealed battery and a quiet motor, allowing it to take on the image of a regular bike. It’s got a top speed of twenty-four MPH with pedal assist, and starting at $1,095 is one of the most affordable bikes out there.


The Core-5 is a great all-around bike that’s suitable for most everyday riders. Designed to be a starter bike, it contains all the essentials of an electric bicycle at an easy price of $1,045. It can go up to speeds of twenty-eight MPH pedal assist and twenty MPH throttle and has a range of up to 45 miles on a single charge.


The Best Value Electric Bikes From Ride1Up

Ride1Up boasts an impressive lineup of urban and off-road eBikes that are bang for your buck. You can find cheap and fast electric bikes that go up to twenty-eight MPH at prices of just over $1,000. Get your next eBike from Ride1Up today!

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