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The Ultimate 500 Series Owners Guide

*updated and active as on 9/9/2020. To view this owners guide with links and images, view the full document here.

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Bike Basics

Your 500 series will arrive with the basic 3-button display installed. The middle button turns on and off the bike. Simply hold the button down. (Note: There is a button on the battery as well, which only functions as a battery charge gauge.) The + button increases pedal assist and the – button decreases pedal assist and can be set to off if you press the – button when on low. The headlight is turned on by holding the + button.  The throttle and pedal assist can be used simultaneously and as well, either can be turned off. The throttle power is not affected by the pedal assist setting. You can turn the pedal assist off by pressing the “-“ button past low, til no light is showing, and only ride using the throttle if you like. The bike pedal assist uses a cadence sensor, which reacts a little delayed based on the spinning of the pedals. It will take some time to get used to this and manipulating the motor to engage and disengage when expected takes a little practice. A quick backpedal or slight engage of the brake lever instantly stops the motor.


Battery Basics and Care

The chargers do stop charging when the battery is fully charged. When charging you battery, do not charge near any potentially flammable material. Charge in a safe fire-resistant space. If you are storing the bikes more than a day, do not leave them plugged in. It is best to leave them charged but unplugged. The button on the top of the Reention dorado battery pack works as a charge gauge. It is not an on off button. Finally, when riding always plug the charger port with the rubber cover. If moisture gets in, the battery can be destroyed. Please, everyone is encouraged to learn a little bit more about the basics of lithium ion battery care and treatment. Please visit these links; eBike Charging Care, Battery Care, EBR Tips.


Compatible Parts Upgrades and Replacements

Rear Cargo Rack. There are many 3rd party options available. The 500 series does have standard mounting points.  This Ibera rack for bikes with Disc brakes will work without any other parts needed!

Panniers. There are many choices available, You can read more here. Some love Ortlieb Classic Rollers.

Fenders. Portland Design Clip-on Wide Fenders. SKS Rear Fender. For other fenders, simply match the tire size of your bike (some models are different) in diameter and width.

Height Upgrades; Stem and Seat post. For riders 6’3” and above, depending on how you like to ride, it may be helpful to install and extended seat post (the stock post length is 350mm),400-500mm would help. 450mm Seat Post. The seat post diameter is 27.2mm.  Additionally, if you want the bars to be higher, and adjustable will allow the bars and grip height to be extended even higher. The handlebar diameter is 25.4mm. Adjustable Height Stem.

Tires.  Depending on your model type and generation, your wheels are either 700c, or 27.5”. The 700c tires are 28”x1.75” and can be replaced with tire widths ranging from 1.5”-2.2” (45mm-55mm). The diameter of the tire must stay the same. If you want to change your 27.5” tires, the same principle applies. Widths – 1.75”-2.5”

Tubes. Simply match the dimensions written on the sidewall of the tire.

Mirrors. Bar Clamp Mirror. Bar end mirrors are also easy to install and use.

Phone Mount. Yossi Bike Phone Mount.

EBS Brake Levers. A potential fix to the motor not working. If your electronic brake shutoff (EBS) is engaged, your motor won’t work. The magnets could be out of line. Find replacements with the same cable connectors. LINK

Trailers. Wee-hoo tow behind trailers. Asom Bike Trailer.

Car Racks, Lights, Baby Seats, and more.  Please view our owners group on Facebook and kindly contribute to fellow riders here with any additional recommended parts or upgrades. Please be respectful of the community.


Bike Security

Serial Number: Your bikes serial number is located on the bottom of the headtube. PLEASE, write this down or take a photo. We do not record your bikes serial number, and if your bike is stolen, you will need this.

Locking your bike:  Follow this guide on how to properly lock your bike. We recommend always using a U-lock. <LINK>


Common Assembly/Unboxing Issues

Fork and Headset.  Installing the fork and headset incorrectly can be very dangerous. Please be sure to watch our 500 series assembly video before assembling and other assembly videos on our YouTube Channel. If for any reason you get confused about the order of the headset pieces, this brief video should help clarify the order of the pieces.

Headlight. To turn on your headlight, make sure the two wires in the back are connected (try reversing the + and – if it doesn’t work), turn on the controller and hold the + button for 2 seconds.

Disc Brakes. How you install the front wheel can affect whether the disc brakes rub when first assembling. Look inline with the brake pads and slowly tighten the quick release axle while ensuring the rotor stays in the exact middle between the pads. The disc rotor is one of the most exposed malleable components during shipping. If it is bent, it can sometimes be trued (bent back) or replaced with a new disc rotor. LINK. You may also need new pads, but not likely within 1000 miles. LINK

Fenders. If you are experiencing rubbing or rattling fenders, this can be fixed. Firstly, the front fender tab that attaches to the fork can be mounted on the back to provide more spacing, or the front for a tighter fit. The fender arms are also malleable and sometimes need to be bent with the wheel off to be centered with the wheel.

Bent Derailleur Hanger. Firstly, please do not start riding and shift into 1st gear before checking the alignment of the derailleur and hanger. Especially if you hear the gears clicking. The derailleur will over-shift and the chain will get caught between the motor and the cog. This issue is common as we ship the derailleur installed and it is a light-weight malleable aluminum. It is also common among cyclists and can be fixed by straightening the derailleur hanger with force. As always, fancy tools/mechanics make it look easy. Here is a video. After the hanger is straightened, the derailleur/gears can be indexed (under adjustments) to remove any additional clicking or grinding noises. If you cannot fix the derailleur hanger, new ones can be found online. Ride1UP will cover the cost if it arrived bent.

Noise when riding. Refer to the three issues above. Fenders, gears, and brakes are the most common sources of riding noise. Additionally, the front hub can sometimes make a squeaking noise if it does not have enough grease. Pay attention to the noises. They are usually symptomatic of a minor issue that could cause more problems later on.

Crank Arm. The crank arm requires an 8mm hex wrench. It needs to be fully tightened. Ensure the arm is all the way on, fitting the square opening before tightening. If you have issue with it loosening, try adding blue Loctite.


Troubleshooting Problems

Motor not working. One of the worst problems to experience. What needs to be done? Determine the source, or cause of the issue(s). What to look for:

  • Cables; Is a connection loose? Look for kinked or loose or damaged cables. Check the quick disconnect connections, especially the one of the chainstay. Consider plugging them back in and ensuring pins are not bent.
  • Settings; Perhaps a setting was accidentally changed. Try plugging in the original base display, hold the + and – button for 3 seconds to reset to default, which may fix the issue.
  • Loosing power? Is the motor issue due to a loss of power or is the display and headlight maintaining power while the motor is not working? If the display is turning off, the problem is either with the internal controller, the battery, or the display itself.
  • EBS; Electronic Brake Shut-off. Another possible cause is that the electronic brake shut off sensors are firing when they shouldn’t be. This can happen typically when there is damage to the brake levers or the cables themselves causing a miscommunication with the internal controller. The best way to identify if this is the issue is to you unplug these cables from the internal controller and test. You can find the diagram for the internal wiring at the end of this document. Reference video for removing the controller.


Kickstand. Does the bike sit too low with the kickstand? The kickstand length is adjustable. Loosen the bolt on the bike and slide to the desirable length. Check the bolt tension when first assembling as well to make sure the bolt does not rattle loose. Is there a clicking noise with the kickstand? Make sure it is parallel with the chainstay and fully tightened (8mm hex wrench). If it shifts, it will hit the crank arm when pedaling.

Charger. Green light indicates the charger is powered but not charging. Red light, charging. Do not charge near anything flammable or store long-term the bikes plugged in. If you are having issues with the battery not charging, try riding the bike again, draining some battery and try using a different outlet. Then reach out to support.

Derailleur/Gears. Adjusting the gears on a bike so that there is no chain noise can be tricky for a novice. If you are not able to take the bike to a local shop, this is the absolute best guide we have seen in thoroughly explaining how to dial in year gears, check for issues, and ensure a silent chain and easy shifting.


Component Sizes

Handlebar.    The handlebars and stem use a 31.8mm, or ‘oversize’ bar clamp diameter.

Seat post. 27.2mm seat post diameter with a 31.8mm seat post clamp.

Fork. 1 1/8”, or 28.6mm, which is the standard size.

Derailleur Hanger. Hanger #27

Wheels/tires. All current generations use a 27.5” wheel. For tire size, please check the sidewall of your tire.



Kickstand. Does the bike sit too low with the kickstand? The kickstand length is adjustable. Loosen the bolt on the bike and slide to the desirable length. It’s useful to check bolt tension when first assembling as well to make sure the bolt doesn’t rattle loose.

Gears. This process is simple enough, but not easy without experience. Here is a fantastic video guide.

Disc Brakes. Noisy rubbing brakes? Loose/weak brakes, or too much play on the levers? All this can be fixed with some adjusting. Again, not easy for the amateur. Luckily, here is another fantastic video guide.


LCD Display Features and Codes

Below is an explanation of symbols on the LCD display. This is the complete manual from the manufacturer of the display but is tough to translate at times.

LCD KM/H. To switch the display from kmh to mph, watch this.

Error Codes.

  1. Voltage issue.
  2. Throttle issue.
  3. Motor issue.
  4. Motor communication or hall sensor issue. Check connections.
  5. EBS (electronic brake shutoff) issue. Disconnect electronic brake shut offs. Likely a magnet sensor issue. This can happen often after a crash or when the bike is dropped. See EBS brake lever replacements above

30.       Communication issue.  A problem with the connection from the internal controller to the display. The display is not receiving vital information.


Screen Display Settings.

Symbols explained:

Reset to default settings. dEF represents recover default settings. The default value is N. To access recover default settings, hold both the UP and MODE button for 2s and press the UP/DOWN button to choose Y or N again. N means, do not recover default settings. Y means that recovers default settings. When it is Y, hold the MODE button for 2s to recover default settings, the display shows DEF-00 at the same time, and then return to general display state.

Recover Default Settings Interface. (image)

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