Ride1Up Brand: Who We Are & Where We’re Going

The Ride1Up brand has set the pace in the ebike industry by doing things differently and focusing on the customer’s needs. Within a very short window, Ride1Up has established itself among the leaders in the cost-effective ebike category. We have achieved this great success by availing high quality and exceptionally designed ebikes at reasonable prices. Once a customer buys our ebikes, we also offer them a one-year warranty because we believe in our products.

Over the years, Ride1Up has continually increased its customers base as people look for a more affordable means of transport to escape the high gas prices. Even better, these ebikes are still a good option for recreation and exercise because they allow you to move faster and cover longer distances, even on tough terrains. With all this success associated with the Ride1Up brand, you probably wonder how this idea started and what the future looks like for this company and brand.

How the Ride1Up Brand Started and Became a Reality

Today, the Ride1Up has already created a huge impression in the city and off-road with the lineup of ebikes sought after by a vast customer base. The idea of manufacturing ebikes all started with the Ride1U founder Kevin Dugger.

Here is how this great idea was born, as told by Kevin:

Did you love cycling at a younger age?

I was raised in Dutch household in the Northern California cycling haven of Davis. My love for bikes started when I was about four years old despite having sustained a cut on my head through the open end of the handlebars when learning to ride.

As I was growing up, I used bikes as the primary mode of transport most of the time. My younger years made me feel like the bicycle industry was my destiny. And when I proceeded to college, my passion for bikes pushed me to become a self-employed bicycle mechanic.

I would purchase worn-out bikes, fix them, then resell them. This gave me a clear picture of the components that were too cheap to bother about and the bikes that were worth working on.

When did you decide to try out the ebike idea?

About five or six years ago, I realized that customers didn’t have really good options to choose from when purchasing bikes, and those available were expensive models. I decided to build my first electric bike, which also showed me the great potential hidden in the transportation industry.

How was your first ebike?

My first ebike was 1000w, and I loved every bit of it. I have always wished the US could be like Denmark or the Netherlands, where there are policies geared towards getting more people on bikes and out of their cars.

Although I still find myself driving from city to city, you don’t need a car to move from point A to B in a town. With the invention of ebikes, people have an amazing ability to move around the city in a fast and efficient way and still have a little fun. Better yet, you have an opportunity to see the globe more interactively. Cycling has a way better feeling that is incomparable with driving.

How did you finally manage to make a fairly priced ebike?

In 2017, my dream came close enough to becoming a reality. After lots of frustration with the cheesy-looking ebike options that didn’t last as long as I expected, and the overpriced corporate options, I stopped complaining and started working at it. After several design changes, learning about the ebikes, partnerships, supply line improvements, and negotiations, I finally developed an electric bike for under $1000.

This means I could comfortably rival any ebike in the market in the $2000 price range. With such an affordable price for a quality ebike, customers looking for an entry-level ebike could comfortably choose the option I was offering.

The Beginnings of Ride1up

Out of love for bikes, Ride1Up came into being in 2018. At this point, Kevin knew that his company had a vital product in ebikes that could help people in the US and the entire globe. Finding ways to lower the prices for electric bikes was a critical step to encourage people into switching to riding ebikes.

Ride1Up believes more in the lifestyle and efficiency of an ebike commuter than the company’s profits. As a result, the brand focuses more on making affordable yet premium quality electric bikes perfect for exercise, leisure, and going to work and back.

Like most other ebike manufacturers, Ride1Up headquarters are in San Diego, California. Since launching this brand, it has consistently performed well as more and more people have accepted the idea of cycling to work using ebikes. We have about seven electric bikes at our portfolio price, from $995 to about $1,795.

Each of the ebikes produced by Ride1Up has its own benefits to suit different customer preferences and needs. The first ebike manufactured by Ride1Up was the Roadster V2 which is a great pick for on-road commutes. This ebike looks almost like a regular mountain bike, but it’s an electric beast with a clean look and hidden components. We designed this ebike to offer customers a 20-35 mile range with a 250Wh battery. We also made sure the maintenance cost for the Roadster V2 is almost non-existent by using a carbon belt drive. And for less than $1,000, we are proud to offer our customers this badass-looking ebike.

Since then, we have also produced the Core-5, the 700 series, the 500 series, the Prodigy, and the LMT’D. For clients who want an ebike that can help them to maneuver around the city easily and efficiently, you can choose the 700 series. One of our best-selling models, the 700 is a proper commuter ebike and comes stock with fenders, integrated lights and rack. We also made it possible for customers to use this ebike in some off-road detours by adding a 100mm suspension fork.

The Core-5 is perfect for speeding up and down the city’s paved roads by taking advantage of its 7-speed drivetrain. The all-terrain tires on this ebike also allow it to deal with detours in other areas. For people who like to go out on adventures on difficult terrains, the LMT’D is an excellent option due to its superb cycling power.

Ride1Up also has a solution for customers who want to have an extra person at the back. You can buy the Café Cruiser, a versatile, hybrid ebike that can take on two passengers. We designed this bike also to accommodate the plus-one cargo kit and still ensure the passenger is comfortable behind the rider. The Café Cruiser hits a top speed of 28 mph, has a hydraulic 80mm front suspension, a heavy-duty stand, and LED lights. This is certainly one of the most versatile ebikes that we’ve developed as it has a 720 Wh battery and a 60Nm motor.

Where Can I Buy One?

We currently don’t have a physical selling location and make all our sales via our e-commerce platform. Selling as an e-commerce brand and making sales directly to customers has really helped market the Ride1Up brand. Moreover, the lack of a middleman means we can easily sell our affordable electric bikes. We can easily keep our running costs low while still providing clients with better components and products at a fraction of the price they would get in a shop. This is a key benefit to Ride1Up customers, and it ties into the company’s identity as a brand.

The Goals of Ride1Up

The main purpose of the Ride1Up brand is to provide innovative and efficient electric bikes that are of much higher quality at competitive prices. In fact, efficiency is what Ride1Up is all about. Although ebikes will still allow you to have lots of fun while making your rides, our bikes are also incredibly efficient modes of transportation. We are determined to change the way people move around our communities and positively impact their well-being, wallets, and the environment.

We’ve also enhanced our customer service to stand out from the rest in the ebike industry. At Ride1Up, we understand that today’s market has changed, and it takes time to bring an idea to fruition and ensure it becomes a product that customers can purchase. Therefore, we offer outstanding hospitality, and our team can help customers with the assembly process of their ebikes.

Even if something goes wrong, our customer service team is always ready to help our customers whenever possible. We know anyone can go online, search for an ebike, order and have it shipped to their doorstep, but we are ready to go the extra time because we value every client.

Ride1Up Electric Bikes Aren’t the Same as a Mountain Bike

For a long time, people would struggle while cycling up a hill or on difficult terrain. Ride1Up wanted to change this by making cycling a more fun activity and still allowing users to exercise. You may not reach some areas with a mountain bike, but our ebikes can make it easier for you through a little electric assistance. Even for those lacking stamina, our ebikes can help reach challenging ascents. Nowadays, some parks allow ebikes, giving riders a great opportunity to enjoy and explore the surroundings in a wonderful way while also connecting with nature.

An ebike also allows you to reach further distances than you wouldn’t while using a regular mountain bike. Regardless of your fitness level, the pedal-assist on electric bikes will help you cover more distances with ease.

You can easily beat the rough terrain and inclines and reduce stressful joints. This means you can take long rides with minimal physical exhaustion than using a traditional mountain bike which can easily result in physical pains and aches. Although there are restrictions on the maximum speeds that you can reach using an ebike, you get a more comfortable ride that doesn’t exhaust you.

Portability is also a crucial factor in choosing ebikes over regular mountain bikes. We saw how stressful it was for people living in the city to leave their bikes outside as they are prone to theft, and weather elements greatly reduce their life cycle.

As a result, Ride1Up develops portable electric bikes that are foldable. Customers can easily pack them up and take them wherever they are. You can squeeze an ebike into the back of a car’s trunk or back seat or even keep it in your closet when not in use.

Our electric bikes are also ideal for the elderly who want to stay active into their old age. A mountain bike can be a bit difficult for the elderly, but with an ebike, they can simply hop on it and enjoy the ride.

The Ebike is a Genuine Alternative to Car Centric Living

Over the years, the demand for our electric bikes has been on an upward trajectory. One major reason for this demand is that customers are now using ebikes as an alternative mode of transport in the urban setting. Instead of using private cars or public transportation, people are now opting to use ebikes. Many are keen to make a positive contribution to the environment by cutting the emissions from vehicles.

There is also an increased push in most towns and cities towards reducing traffic congestion. Also, more people desire to get some exercise for their well-being. With an ebike, you can’t lack time for some exercise. Even when on a tight schedule, you can still cycle on your way to work. Besides, most ebikes can easily cover about 20 to 30 miles on a single charge. This is great for anyone trying to cut back on car usage. With such distances, ebikes will easily get you to your destination without recharging. Once you exceed the estimated distances, recharging the batteries is an easy process.

Many urban authorities are also making their areas more bike-friendly. You can ride on bike lanes or sidewalks or even cut across parks. Therefore, you can use Ride1Up ebikes to commute to work or run quick errands that are a few miles away with ease. Using an ebike as a primary mode of transport to go to work has helped several people get to their destination much faster than using a car that can easily get stuck in traffic. Using an ebike also helps cut down on pollution, improving air quality.

Not Just a Bike, it’s a Movement

There has been a growing appeal for ebikes that has also pushed people to leave their cars. People see this as an alternative to helping them develop a healthier lifestyle.

Anyone who wants to spend more time outside and improve their cardiovascular health will undoubtedly realize the health benefits associated with cycling. Cycling strengthens the immune system, improves sleeping patterns, and promotes mental well-being. With an ebike from Ride1up, you can achieve all these health benefits without getting sweaty, provided you pick a model that works best for you.

At Ride1Up, our customers are our main concern, so we design these ebikes to make cycling an exciting activity that will still help people shed a few pounds, spend more time outside, and feel good about themselves. We believe that cycling doesn’t have to be difficult but an enjoyable and exciting activity that you can look forward to having any day.

Today, there are several biking communities and clubs in different metropolitan areas. You can find some of these biking communities on social media platforms, make plans, and start riding with them based on the set schedule.

Here are some of the biking communities you can join in your area:

New York

  • Bike New York
  • Star Track Cycling
  • League of American Bicyclists
  • Exploring Paths
  • Youth Ride Club
  • Fast and fabulous Cycling Team
  • The Baltimore Bicycling Club
  • Kissena Cycling Club
  • Century Road Club Association


  • Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition
  • Rapha Los Angeles
  • Just Ride LA
  • Spoke Bicycle Café
  • Loyal Bike Fitting and Coaching
  • Bikes and Hikes
  • Helen’s Cycles


  • Seattle Electric Bikes Meetup
  • Cascade Bicycle Club
  • Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance
  • Native Planet Cycling
  • Redmond Cycling Club
  • Seattle Recumbent Riders
  • Outdoors for All

SF/Bay Area

  • San Francisco Bicycle coalition
  • Rivet Cycle Works
  • Winchester Cycling Club
  • Davis Bike Club
  • Santa Rosa Cycling Club
  • Sierra Express Bicycle club
  • Women on Wheels Cycling Club
  • Golden Gate Cyclists


Cycling is one of the healthiest activities that can help improve a person’s fitness, promote healthy living and well-being. Even if ebikes have an assisted pedal, they aren’t a no-exercise option. Riders have moderate-intensive exercises, which improves cardiovascular health. Ebikes also promote better heart health, increase metabolism, boost muscle tone and the immune system. Many people using ebikes also experience better sleep quality, reduced stress, and improved well-being.

Ride1Up is committed to providing customers with sustainable ebike choices that will help them attain a healthier lifestyle. Feel free to check out our line of premier ebikes or contact us for more details on how we can make a delivery to your doorstep.