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  1. Bruce Ward

    Which rack and bag do you recommend to carry a second battery? Thanks.

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    • Paul Sarkis (store manager)

      Hello Bruce, Thank you for the review. In regards to your question we would recommend the rear rack to carry the second battery. We have a link below for you to see.

  2. Nicolas (verified owner)

    A second battery is a must-have if you want to use your ebike (in my case the LMTD) on long rides, especially when there are mountains to climb and areas where you face the wind. With just one battery I was able to travel 30 to 40 miles (60+ miles on flat), now I’m able to travel twice as much. I recently traveled 80+ miles over the Santa Cruz mountains in California. Note that I always try to keep the battery level above 20% in order to ensure the battery holds as much power for as long as possible. So I could definitely travel further, but that wouldn’t be good for the battery. Considering Ride1up charges $500 for a spare battery, I would recommend that you read how to take care of the battery

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  3. Michael Gerhardt (verified owner)

    Battery works just fine, but doesn’t register anything on the display for remaining usage. e.g. after a full charge display shows 100% charge until the battery shuts down completely? I’m still in the process of figuring out what exactly is the malfunction…

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  4. Tenika (verified owner)

    This back up battery definitely comes in handy when riding for a period of time.

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  5. Matthew Payer (verified owner)

    The added range is peace of mind. Also, like the bike, the battery is very durable. I was just hit and run, with 6 broken ribs. The bike…a few light scratches, and otherwise no damage.

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  6. msedlak

    Weighing in at about 155 lbs most of the time, and 70-yr old, female, I *try* to avoid using the battery on flats except for ripping through intersections and also from a dead stop. Still, I do end up using it in level 1 a fair amount. This bad boy went from 100% down to 30% over 90 miles. I’m crazy in love with this.
    I realize this reads like I’m actually 14 yrs old (I’m 70), but my Ride1Up LMTD bike takes me to heaven and back every time I ride it. This is my second e-bike, and I prefer this one over my other (different brand) bike like I prefer sunlight to fog.

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