About Us

Our Story

A passion to ride

Our initial goal was to make quality electric bikes affordable with wild aspirations of revamping our system of transportation, or at least trying. However, as life long boarders (snow, wake, kite, and downhill longboarding) we were soon introduced to electric skateboards. Like nearly everyone else who has had the chance to ride one, we were hooked. The joy of an endless downhill doesn’t seem to fade.

The problem

We’re economical. We wanted a quality riding experience, but we didn’t want to spend a fortune to get it. We simply couldn’t find a fast high performance board designed to shred that didn’t cost more than a grand. So we set out on a grueling process of designing a board that offers exactly what was missing. It’s not some new flashy tech. What it is; a longboard first, and a high-performance electric machine second. It is born out of a need to carve, with comfort and stability, speed and precision. The end result: Performance and quality at a price that doesn’t show it.

Best Electric Bike Under $1000

The Company

We are California based, but ship all over North America online only. Not having a physical presence, outside investors, or shipping our boards from abroad allows us to have an extremely efficient supply chain. We don’t waste unnecessary dollars on shipping, rent, stores, loans, or venture capitalists. What this means to you? Your money, is going towards your board. Simple as that.

Our Promise to you

We stand by our products with a 30-day return policy if you are not completely satisfied. Just send it back to us, and you will receive 100% refund. Buy with confidence. We don't want unhappy customers.

All our boards are sold with a 6 month warranty. Your purchase is protected. We wish you a successful ride for many years and if a part breaks beyond warranty, we stock replacement items so you can stay on the road.

This is our passion, and we want to share the joy with you.

Unbeatable prices

Why our prices won’t be beat? Not only do we have one of the most effective supply chains of parts and assembly, but we are completely self-funded. When we say this is our passion, we mean it. Our margins are low, the deals are real. We promise, you can stop your search here, you will not find a better deal. We'd offer to price match, but there really is no point!