Classic 1932 Roadster Bicycle is Reborn Electric

The BSA Gents Roadster was a hugely popular frame style in its time. The double-top tube men’s steel bike frame first appeared in the bicycle world in 1917. The frame geometry symbolized the future of bicycling. Today, over one-hundred years since the inception of that double-top tube classic, eBike manufacturer Ride1UP has released an electrified recreation of the classic. Retitled, the Roadster Ghost is an homage to cycling history, it features much of the same frame simplicity, but with a modern twist. Between the two top tubes is a 48V Samsung battery pack and electronic controller unit. The wires are concealed inside the frame and power a 500watt motor and integrated front and rear lights. Like the classic Roadster, this bike aims to be the everyman rider and get you to work and back with no fuss. Only now in 2019, you can go faster and further than ever before.

With the electric components and battery comes the higher price tag. The Ride1UP Roadster Ghost amazingly comes in at only $949 delivered. Electric bike manufacturer Ride1UP is known for cutting industry price standards. They have certainly done so again, with this model.

Will we see similar frame styles in another hundred years? By then, all bikes may go the way of the BSA Roadster, electric.