Best options for assembly – What to look for, what to avoid.


If you are going to attempt self-assembly, be aware that this includes your front headset and fork assembly, your spoke tension, cranks, derailleur and derailleur hanger, gearing indexing, handlebars, stem, seat post, saddle clamp, and optional rack and fenders as well as all other mechanical components.

If you do self assemble, please watch our assembly videos on our YouTube channel as a reference:


A great resource for mobile mechanics which we recommend for assemble. However, mobile mechanics on Velotooler are independent contractors, so the quality can vary and not all mechanics will provide the same great service. Please do your research before hiring a mechanic through Velotooler.


Another great Resource for Mobile Mechanics, if available in your area, Velofix offers a more reliable standard of testing. However, you will pay a higher premium for mobile mechanic services through Velofix.

Local Bike Shop

Finding a local bike shop that will complete mechanical repairs and/or assembly can be extremely helpful throughout the lifetime of your ebike ownership. They can be a great resource for any mechanical issues that you cannot figure out on your own, replacing flats or old ties, replacing chains, grips, derailleurs, shifters, or any other components that wear down or break on your bike.

For tips on finding a local bike shop please click here: Finding a local bike shop or mechanic.